Classroom News December 5

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Hello parents. I hope that everyone had a great holiday. Before thanksgiving break,  the second graders learned about words that have a short vowel sounds, words with inflected -s endings, and different types of adjectives. Lastly, they took their end of term exams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The third graders had a spelling bee on Tuesday and they had their end of term exams in compositions, reading comprehension, phonics and vocabulary.

This week the second and third grade students began their new term. The second graders worked on words that have short vowels sounds, and we read the “The Twin Club,” a story about two cousins who were very good friends that they decided to form a club. The third graders learned about contractions (can’t, haven’t, you’ll) and two different type of verbs called the action verb (run, jump, grab) and the linking verb (am, is, are). The students worked on their writing assignment that required them to create their own fictional story. They will have extra time to work on them next week.

Have a great and safe three-day weekend!


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