Classroom News November 14

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This week the 2nd graders were able to identify compound words, using adjectives to describe numbers, using adjective to compare two or more things. They were able to identify words that have letter ew, ue, ui, oo (new, blue, suit and room etc.) and words with suffixes -ly, ful (quickly, careful and more). This is week we began using the Lexia Program on the iPads to help them improve their reading skills. The students had fun using the devices and the program.

The 3rd graders read the story, Amazing Bird Nest. They were able to identify the words that have sh, th, ph, ch, tch, ng (shape, father, graph, choice, catch, ring). They were able to draw conclusions from a story, identify plural possessive nouns, and they identified the main idea and the details in a story. We will be having a classroom spelling bee on Tuesday, November 18th. The winner will move on to the school spelling bee, which will take place in December.

There will not be a spelling test next week because of the end of term exams on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Have a Great Weekend!

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