4/14-4/17 Homework

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4/14 Math: practice packet p. 236-238  CLA: 战,伤

4/15 Math: practice packet p.239-241   CLA:渐,总

4/16 Math: practice packet p.242-245   CLA:提,持,应

4/17 Math: MCA prep p.73-89 (4 sheets)  CLA:该,努,尊 Social Studies: Ancient Rome worksheet*1

*MCA Reading Test on Tuesday, April 22-Wednesday, April 23

*MCA Math Test on Wednesday, April 30

MCA Practice Tests: Please encourage your students to take the following basic tests this week.

Basic Math Test 7

Basic Math Test 8

Fractions Practice Test 1

Fractions Practice Test 2

Fractions Practice Test 3

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