2/24-2/28 Homework

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2/24 Math: p.134-135 CLA:  挡,钻,洞

2/25 Math: p. 136-137 CLA: 隔,壁,结

2/26 Math: packet (weight and graph) p.4-7  CLA: Review packet

2/27 Math: packet (weight and graph) p.8-9  CLA: Review packet

2/28 Math: packet (fractions) p.7-10 p.  CLA: Review packet Social Studies: River worksheet

Term Two Final Exam Schedule

Friday2/28 : Chinese writing

Monday3/3: English/ Chinese reading

Tuesday3/4 : English/ Science /math

Wednesday3/5 : English / Chinese vocabulary/math

Thursday3/6 : English/social/ math

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