1/17 Friday Homework

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*5th Grade-

1. Every day in the morning and evening, read aloud the text once.   Before Tuesday, students should have read the text for 12 times during this weekend and the holiday.

2. Finish Practice package on the questions you can do.

3. Finish the writing project for this month.

*6th Grade-

1. Read aloud the text up to where we have taught twice a day and do the tally or check.

2. Practice packet (3), (6)

* 7/8th Grade-

1. Recite Mulan twice a day.  Make the tally.  Total should be 6 times for this weekend and Monday.

2. 8th Grade- please make sure you recite Mulan  and memorize you r lines/ movements 4 times a day and make the tally.

3. Make sure you click on all the links related to Mulan in my classroom page to practice your lines and movement.

Have a nice weekend and happy Holidays!


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