YACA Role & Structure


The Yinghua Academy Community Association (YACA) is the parent group of Yinghua Academy, similar to a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at a traditional school.


Supporting the mission of Yinghua Academy, its students, families and staff by providing volunteers, fundraising and assistance in cooperation with the Director and the School Board.


All parents and guardians of Yinghua Academy students are considered “general members” of YACA.

YACA Board

YACA is led by a board consisting of nine elected members and an appointed ex-officio member that acts as the Volunteer Coordinator. See list here.  Elections are held at the end of spring trimester.  A call for interested candidates will go home in the spring.


The YACA Bylaws are available here.


This Board consist of :

YACA Chair
- Call and preside meeting of the Board and serve as a voting member
- Coordinate the work of the Board and its Committees
- Provide a written agenda for each meeting and General Membership meetings
- Provide an opportunity for each Chair to present updates of activities
- Serve as Liaison to the School Board of Directors
- Maintain YACA e-mail account
- Be part of the budget committee
- Attend Yinghua events when requested as YACA Board representative

YACA Treasurer
- Prepare monthly budgets
- Prepare budget presentations for General Membership meetings
- Lead the budget committee
- Handle deposit and disbursements
- Lead person to file tax documents with IRS

YACA Secretary
- Take and maintain minutes at each Board meeting and General Membership meetings
- Maintain Bylaws and other records
- Maintain calendar and make updates
- Manage YACA supplies
- Coordinate elections

YACA Communications Manager
- Plan General Membership meetings
- Conduct surveys
- Make updates to the website
- Coordinate newsletters
- Coordinate welcome phone call to Yinghua Academy’s new families
- Perform Chair duty when Chair is absent

Fundraising Chair
- Chinook Book
- Book Fair
- Read-a-thon
- GiveMN
- Red Envelope Campaign
- Lantern Festival
- All revenue strains: matching grants, sales, etc.
- Prepare updates for General Membership meetings

School Spirit Chair
- Coordinate the Nourishment team
- Coordinate the Yearbook and pictures
- Coordinate activities for Field Day, NE Parade
- Coordinate Spirit Wear sale
- Coordinate sports events at Yinghua
- Teacher Lounge
- Teacher Appreciation dinner at Chinese New Year
- Teacher Appreciation brunch at end of the year

Family Resources Chair
- First Friday Coffee at Urban Harvest
- Used Uniform Sales
- School supplies sale
- Family directory
- Summer gatherings
- Back to school night
- Speaker series

Academic Enrichment Chair
- Artistic partnerships
- Science Fair
- Lego league
- Destination Imagination
- After school and other enrichment activities

Cultural Programming Chair
- Double Ninth/ Grandparents Day, Kite Festival
- Confucius Day
- Chinese New Year
- School Culture Committee

Volunteer Coordinator
- Volunteer hours manager
- Background check
- Classroom Coordinators
- Volunteer recognition. National Volunteer Week
- Request volunteers for recess, library, vision/hearing screenings, etc.