Volunteer Recognition

Thank you to our 2012-2013 All Star Volunteers! I know this list is incomplete, but please take the chance to thank your fellow volunteers for going above and beyond in making Yinghua Academy such a strong community, for our kids, but also parents and teachers.

Wynee Igel
Djulita Gunawan
Laura Pang
Melody Ng
Angela Preimesberger
Chris Thelen
Mel Chaput
Amy Cichanoski
Kiara Buchanan
Jason Burrows
Angela Goddard
Nadine Groven
Cynthia Moracco
Dina Nash
Sarah Owens
Savitri Santhiran
Teri Schweizer
Mary Whalen
Cheryl Falk
Becky Andrews
Greg Pinto
Ji-Young Choi
Cynthia Shypulski
Shel House
Kechun Zhang
Hattie Bonds
Greta Cunningham
Catherine Nguyen
Mike Tong
Matt Hinton
Casey Piersma
Jeralyn Thelen
Moe Grubish
Cindy Grubish
Emilie Anderson
Beth Irish
Danielle Bogucki
Janet Cataldo
Megan Hanna
Urbae Hall
Linda Kocon
DeAnna Miller
Heather Shirey
Victoria Brenner
Michelle Casper
Susan Peterson
Vanessa Beckett
Amy Levin
Rachel Dolan
Serena Jones-White
Emillie White
Karen Ho
Becky Hoffmann
Vicki Lappi
Kerry Cullen
Carolyn Disch
Ellen Meyer
Dana Yao
Christina Erickson
Pamela Cherry
Wendi Harmsen
Lihn Phan
Jeff Heidkamp
Le Que Heidkamp
Margaret Boler
Jeanne Scheller
Michelle Van Keulen
Mary Whalen
Ann Yin
Jennifer Ernst-George
Wendie Lindberg
Sarah Peterson
Andrea Corpstein
Sarah Dvorak
Michelle Kim
Hannah Easton
Seth Werner
Joel O’Malley
Rosemary Lawrence
Scott Jax
Ruth Hansen
Walt Graff
Lou Bender
Karen Lu
Denny Grubish
Jennifer Shadowens
Christopher Brooks
Karen Calcaterra
Lindsey Alexander
Sara Cannon
Rachel Collins
Tammy Cheng
Tanya Battista Crespo
Ana Ly
Coley Murphy
Annie Sparrows

I do want to give a special thank you to every single volunteer for keeping us going this last year – it would not have run so smoothly without you! Thank you for your time, patience and expertise in the variety of volunteer needs our school has – Library, Recess, Lunch, Office Work, Field Trips, Nourishment Team, Chinese New Year, The Gala, Picture Day, the list goes on!


Thank you!